What is the Tulsa Mission Movement?

7 thoughts on “What is the Tulsa Mission Movement?”

  1. We based in India and working among Muslims. How we can utilize your resources to equip the body of Christ to face the Islamic chellenges to win the lost for the Lord?
    God willing we are visit Tulsa in Aug to attend Victory World Mission Confrnce, I would like to meet your concern contact person to meet and dicus the same. Kindly do the needful.
    Thanking you

    1. Daniel, I am sorry that I didn’t get your message until today. You can share anything that is on our website however you like.

      1. Dear Justin,
        I have seen your message just now, we were at Tulsa from 15th September to 25th. We returned India on November. How can I keep in touch with you as a partner to reach the lost for the Lord?

  2. Sir
    You published my mail in your website and it’s created some serious problem for our ministry.
    Kindly conduct me immediately
    Please conduct me

    1. We have not published your information in any way. In truth, we don’t know you or your ministry. I’m so sorry for your difficulty, but there’s nothing we can do since we haven’t published your info.

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